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I am Anirudh Ravichandran and I am a CSCS SnC coach, age group Triathlete and a passionate explorer of finding and conquering challenges that pushes the body and mind to the limits.

 After completing my Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering and working in a start-up for a few months, I decided to quit and follow my passion and dedicate my time to making a career out of my hobby. I don't want to wake up everyday waiting for the weekend, The rut repels me.

I always wanted to create a portal for people like me who in the beginning of their fitness journeys are clueless, lacking any proper direction. Getting random information of random articles on the internet and feeling helpless, reading contradictory approaches to lose fat or build muscle and losing motivation. 


While I further my progress in the sport of triathlon to become elite in the 70,3 distance, I want to help and guide people in similar journeys either in strength or endurance. The goal is to change the culture around the fitness industry so that people pursue goals centered on performance and wellness. 






Ever since I was little, sports was the one thing I was truly passionate about. I always chose a India match or a premier league game or a Federer match over cartoons. I started off as cricketer in my schooling days. Played it quite seriously and had ambitions of going further and making my mark. It didn't work out due to my impatience, low self confidence, injury and lack of mental strength. I slowly shifted all my attention to football. Started making strides in it and represented my college CEG, Anna University while pursuing my B.E Computer Science. In my third year, I was diagnosed with a Grade 3 meniscus tear in my left knee. This was the biggest low in my life. I was without sport for the very first time in my life. It hit me hard and I fell into what I realize now was depression. This was a turning point in my life. I was advised to hit the gym for rehab.




Without Football, I spent my evenings at the gym just doing what everyone was doing. Without any proper direction or goal. Although I played sports, I was skinny fat like many Indian teenagers. The diet I was brought up with being a vegetarian was a typical south Indian diet. Dosa, rice, junk, sugars etc. I had no idea on what dieting was. I was clueless like many are. Reading hundreds of articles, googling how to get 'ripped' etc.

The one thing that clicked in me was reading everywhere that actors ate every 2-3 hours. So one day I just dropped everything and ate a high protein meal every 3 hours without fail and absolutely killed myself in the gym. I started cooking my own meals in hostel which was not a norm. People first thought I was being an idiot. By the end of the year, many had their own induction cooker.

Slowly but surely I started seeing changes. This motivated me further and I became obsessed. Single minded focus to sculpt the physique I had in mind. My whole college life after that was disciplined like never before. Eat sleep, train, cook, survive college. Never looked back after that. 

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After completing my degree, I was sure I didn't want to sit in front of the computer for the rest of my life. I had found my passion and purpose. ​I worked in a start-up for 3 months and quit. I wanted to dedicate my life to fitness. I wanted to become an athlete, learn more, help people who are helpless like  I was at the beginning of my own journey. I finished my PT certification and my CSCS so I train and coach pro athletes and teams. Still in the learning process of hitting that goal.

After achieving my aesthetic goals, I realized just looking shredded or muscular did not mean I was fit. I was still lacking some direction as an athlete. Endurance sports especially Triathlons is what I was looking for all along. The true test of fitness, strength, mental fortitude and proficiency in three disciplines. The swim, Bike and Run. Learnt how to swim in 2018 and after doing a few triathlons and IRONMAN 70.3 GOA by training myself, I realized through hard work, dedication and guidance, I progress in this sport. I am now carrying over all the lessons learnt and the discipline I attained during my bodybuilding days. Now I am fully committed TO TRIATHLONS especially the IRONMAN 70.3. Becoming a elite triathlete and multi-sport athlete, travelling the world racing and pushing limits is what drives me. I am truly obsessed. 


mAJOR Races

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IRONMAN 70.3 GOA 2019 - 5:39

IRONMAN 70.3 DUBAI - 5:10

Individual Time Trial Elite OMR 2020- 2nd place 

IRONMAN 70.3 GOA Relay - 1 st place 4:28

IRONMAN 70.3 DUBAI 2022 - 4:53

Individual Time Trial Elite Nandi hills 2020 - 4th place 


IRONMAN 70.3 Bahrain 2023 - 4:47



B.E Computer science 
CEG, Anna university
Trifocus fitness academy certified personal trainer
strength & conditioning coach
endure iq ldt102
triathlon training fundamentals certified
Certified Coach Badge.jpg
ironman certified coach

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